The importance of physical and mental health

Physical health and development, mental health, and emotional and social wellbeing each overlap, and that strength provides a platform for learning. 

We are a Trauma Informed School, and make an active choice to teach children of the ways our brains and bodies are connected, the effects of different hormones and chemicals on us, and how important the feeling of safety is for emotional regulation. If you’d like to know more, why not ask about our Relationships Policy?

Life is made up of opportunities

Opportunities to develop physical health are dispersed throughout the curriculum. These opportunities include regular PE lessons covering a variety of sports and disciplines, after-school clubs, residential visits (providing ample opportunity for adventurous and risk-taking play), and healthy living initiatives such as Active Travel and Healthy Schools.

Making good choices

Children learn, and understand, which foods should be eaten in moderation and how to make good choices. It’s why we’re so passionate about the food served to children at Ysgol Sant Baruc.

Ysgol Sant Baruc is a community

Ysgol Sant Baruc is a community, and so we place significant emphasis on the quality of relationships between children, staff and parents. 

Our curriculum is designed so that we work hard to understand the nature of friendships, and how to play and collaborate with one another. 

We consider the power we have in our relationships to heal and build-up. 

We learn how important it is to apologise and to forgive. 

We practise kindness, compassion and mercy. 

We believe everyone matters. 

These values permeate all aspects of school life: 

These aren’t merely things we do.

This is the way we are.