You name it – it all makes up our curriculum

The Curriculum is everything that happens between Ysgol Sant Baruc’s doors opening in the morning and closing in the evening – and sometimes beyond! 

Curriculum Overview


Language and Literacy

We believe that the ability to listen, speak, read and write well opens the door to life-long opportunity and fulfilment.
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Mathematics and Numeracy .svg

Mathematics and Numeracy

Mathematics and Numeracy are at the heart of how the world works. It’s a broad discipline, incorporating the abstract and the everyday.
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Science and Technology

This crucial area of the curriculum is increasingly relevant for the lives our young people lead right now, and in the future.
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We can’t belong without knowing what – and who – we belong to. Humanities is all about evaluating the past, protecting our future, and the way we live in our present.
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Health and Wellbeing

Life is made up of opportunities and challenges. The capacity to navigate life’s ups and downs is a cornerstone of health and wellbeing, it’s the key to a good quality of life.
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Expressive Arts

The Land of our Fathers (and mothers!) is home to bards, artists and performers – it’s little wonder that Wales is known as the land of song.
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As parents and carers, you are a crucial part of our community. We think school works best when it’s a partnership between parents, staff, and children.