I’ll tell you what I want, what I really, really want.
So tell me what you want, what you really, really want?
I wann-a, I wann-a, I wann-a, I wann-a 
I really, really, really want my 
Privacy Respected and my Data Protected actually, diolch yn fawr iawn. 

Don’t worry, we’re on the same page. 

So, what information do you collect, then?

  • Our website collects personal information from you in two ways:

  • Information you provide yourself

  • Information which is collected automatically

As you’d expect, we don’t sell your information to anybody. Not for all the gold in the world; it’s as safe as houses. 

Data you provide yourself

While you use our website, there are opportunities for you to (or you might need to) volunteer personal information. You might do this to fill in a medication form, or to let us know you’re planning a term-time holiday (we wouldn’t advise taking term-time holidays, by the way).


On our website, there are different forms. The information collected on the form is kept for the stated purpose of the form. 

When you complete a form on www.ysgolsantbaruc.cymru, the information is sent to Ysgol Gymraeg Sant Baruc. 

Parents’ Evening

We use calend.ly to arrange parents’ evening appointments. A link from our website will take you there.

You can read more about the way they protect data by clicking this link: Calendly Privacy Notice

Contact Us

When you complete the ‘Contact Us’ section, we’ll keep your contact information so that we can get back in touch with you. That just makes sense, doesn’t it?

However, if you don’t want us to keep your contact information, we won’t.

When you e-mail us, the e-mail lands in the administrative office’s inbox. They’ll keep that data safe. The inbox is on the Local Education Authority’s server (our “LEA” is the Vale of Glamorgan).

Data collected automatically

When you use the website, data is collected automatically. They let us know how people use our website. We use that information to evaluate the website and improve it. 

Usage Data

Automatically collected information is sent to Google analytics so that we get a good handle on how people use the website. 

Here’s a link to Google’s privacy notice. It’s longer than ours – but it’s not a competition, is it?

Server Log

Our servers keep a record of pages that are used on the website but they don’t collect or store personal information. Isn’t that good?

Changes to this Privacy Notice

We retain the right to make changes to this information without notice.