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My mother would tell you that ‘school’ was a favourite game of mine as a child, while my siblings would testify to my efforts to get them to play along – although not always successfully! 

It was little surprise to anybody when I enrolled at Trinity College Carmarthen to begin the journey that led me to our school. 

The past 13 years at Ysgol Sant Baruc have been some of the most rewarding, challenging years of my career. 

Rewarding, because I have had ample opportunity to work with this unique school community, in a way that allows all children to flourish. That responsibility also provides the challenge – what we do here is important, it makes a difference. 

That’s why I started to teach in the first place.  


Pursuing education has never been solely about the teaching of lessons – the marking of books and taking of registers. Education has a far broader range and scope than that. 

Education is about the whole person, and the whole community: their prospects, abilities, and contribution. 

I’m delighted to be able to work towards these goals through the medium of Welsh. It's why I feel so strongly about Welsh medium education. 

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We're commencing an exciting new chapter in Ysgol Sant Baruc’s proud history, by relocating to a new, purpose-built campus on Barry Waterfront. 

I’m very aware of the privilege and opportunity afforded to me in leading our close, tightly-knit community into this new phase.  

My aim is to build on all the success Ysgol Sant Baruc has enjoyed throughout its history, and maintain our friendly, welcoming, caring ethos – all while fostering a passion for the Welsh language, Barry and Wales.