• year-round.svg

    Year Round

    Bottle green jumpers or cardigans 
    White polo shirt
    Grey trousers, pinafores, shorts or skirts 
    Grey or white socks/tights
    Black shoes 

  • summer.svg


    As the weather improves, children might prefer to wear green and white gingham dresses.

  • sports.svg

    Physical Education

    Children wear their Llys (house) t-shirt

    Buddug is Red

    Llywelyn is Blue

    Glyndŵr is Green

    Plain, black, grey, or white shorts or leggings


  • formal.svg

    Special Event

    If a pupil is invited to take part in prestigious annual events such as an Eisteddfod, we’ll ask that they wear a collared shirt or blouse, and the school tie. From Year 1 on, children will also wear this uniform for their class assemblies.

Our School Crest

Ahead of our move to our waterfront campus, this new chapter in our history gave us the opportunity to update our school crest.

We worked with Cardiff-based Limegreentangerine to give our lovely old Draig Goch (red dragon) emblem the 21st-century refresh it deserved. The revitalised crest places us in our town. The sun and the sea – this Barrybados of ours – and a redesigned Draig Goch, reinforces how proudly Welsh we are.

We’re delighted with our fresh new look.

old uniform.png
We want to be very clear

While we’ve updated our school crest, we don’t expect parents to overhaul childrens’ wardrobes. Jumpers, cardigans and bags featuring the old crest will always be welcome at Ysgol Sant Baruc!

You’ll find everything you need – including book bags – at Ruckleys on Holton Road.

Thanks to the generosity of parents, and our dedicated Parent Teacher Association, we have a stock of pre-loved uniform in school – please contact post@santbaruc.cymru to enquire. 

School uniform grants

If your children are eligible for free school meals, you can apply for a grant toward school uniform costs. 

Families who are eligible for free school meals can submit a claim for uniform costs if they have a reception to year 6 (ages 5 to 11) child in primary education. There is also a grant available if your child is about to begin secondary school.

All looked-after children qualify for the grant, whether they receive free school meals or not. Families are only entitled to claim once per child, per school year.

Grants are organised and managed by our Local Education Authority – Vale of Glamorgan council. For more information, and to begin the application process, please visit: Pupil Development Grant - Vale of Glamorgan Council