A sense of cynefin

Our sense of who we are, and of who we’re becoming, is rooted in our history, geography, and ethical framework. 

This area of learning awakens a sense of wonder, fires the imagination and inspires learners. It’s central to the development of a sense of place, and a sense of cynefin. 

Our diverse, dynamic natural world

The knowledge and skills developed in Humanities encompass geography; history; religion, values and ethics; business and social studies. 

It ranges from thinking about our diverse, dynamic natural world, to understanding that human experiences are complex – perceived, interpreted and represented in different ways.

So, at our school, we begin with our local area – close to home – and learn about the people around us day-to-day. We learn about the valuable contributions made to the world by Barry through its people.

Ysgol Sant Baruc: bringing the world to Barry, to take Barry to the world

We also consider the place of our nation in the world, and the things that make us who we are – thereby developing informed, self-aware citizens. 

As pupils mature, through inquiry, exploration and investigation, they compare and contrast different parts of the world with Wales, and the ways individuals from all over the world have made a positive impact in their respective countries, communities and relationships.

We do this with the aim of empowering our pupils to go out into the world and do likewise.