Communication is fundamental

For the Welsh, it always has been. Songs as old as time; the tales told around the fire; poems at the Eisteddfod; the conversation over tea in the kitchen; our hearts on our sleeves. And, it goes without saying – all in our own language, with our own words for our own things.

We are committed to developing Welsh language, literacy, and communication skills throughout our children’s school journey. 


At Ysgol Sant Baruc, this happens first in Welsh, from their very first day, through total immersion. 

It is through the medium of the Welsh language that our children experience everyday school life and enrichment activities, including residential visits, day-trips, after-school clubs, guest speakers and so much more.

Learning languages is an opportunity to take risks and experiment, by using and practising new and unfamiliar sounds, words, and sentence structures. It’s important, because the reward of risk is an increased confidence, more durable resilience, and an eye for opportunity.


English is introduced in Year 3 (7-8 years old) and, by the time they leave us at the end of Year 6, children are confident, articulate, bilingual citizens. 

At Ysgol Sant Baruc, we’re passionate about language, and aim to ignite a life-long enthusiasm for Welsh and the languages of the world. 

Because, after all, who will be telling our story, about our things, in our language to the next generation? Those who have understood that all of this is theirs, too: the children playing on our fields, learning in our classrooms and walking our hallways.