Science and Technology is part of the fabric of our town and of our school

Barry’s waterfront is testament to the impact science and technology can have on a region. 

Over the last 150 years, the railways, the ships, and the docks have transformed the waterfront, fuelling a rapid community expansion – to become the largest town in Wales.

Just around the corner is a world-leading plastics and materials manufacturer, while a stone’s throw away, rising from the sea, is Ynys Echni (Flatholm Island), the site of the first-ever wireless signal transmission.

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Opportunities for children to innovate

Our Science and Technology curriculum provides opportunities for children to innovate in design and technology. 

Curious, inquisitive learners find satisfaction in the search for answers, and use their findings to design and create – sometimes by hand, with a saw, or hammer and nails; sometimes through intricate digital design, computation and 3D printing.

The Natural Sciences

But Science and Technology isn’t only about the cutting-edge – it also involves detailed observations of plants, the patterns of nature; the bugs under stones; a net in a pond; a magnifying glass; a microscope…

A full, holistic experience of Science and Technology draws out ambition and ingenuity, it emboldens a child’s desire and ability to affect change.  

Because change is what we do around here – it’s what makes the world turn.